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Police Benefits

Certified Police Officers

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Starting Salaries

Police Office Starting Pay - Applies to Florida certified officers, out-of-state officers, and academy graduates pending Florida certification. Starting salaries for certified police officers with at least 1 year of experience may be offered, per policy, up to but not to exceed a 1% increase to the starting salary rate per full year of previous sworn law enforcement experience to a maximum of 5% (or 5 years of experience).

Police Officer Starting Pay

At least 1 year of experience $29.5755/hour (or approx. $61,901.60/year)

Police Officer Starting Pay

Less than 1 year of experience $29.2827/hour (or approx. $61,288.71

Police Trainee Starting Salary

While attending academy pending Florida Certification $21.7498/hour or approx. $45,239.62/year

Health and Supplemental Benefits

Pay for Performance Annual Step Increases

Employees meeting the Town’s Pay for Performance guidelines may be eligible to receive an annual step increase.

Performance Bonus Program

Employees may be eligible for an annual performance bonus based on job performance. The maximum amount payable is $6,000. Employees become eligible for the performance bonus payment on December 1, following five years of employment with the Town.

Vacation Leave

1 to 4 years of employment - 184 hours. 5 to 9 years of employment - 224 hours. 10 to 14 years of employment - 240 hours. 15 and more years - 264 hours.

Sick Leave

96 hours sick leave per year, accrued on a pay-period basis. Forty (40) hours per year may be used for illness of an immediate family member.

Personal Time and Floating Holiday

Employees receive 24 hours personal time per calendar year and 8 hours for a floating holiday per calendar year.

Bereavement Leave

3 days for an in-state funeral, 5 days for out of state (immediate family).

Military Leave

Active military service leave of absence not to exceed one year and will receive full pay from the Town for the first 30 days of active duty in a calendar year. Annual active duty for training leave compensated by the Town at regular pay not to exceed 240 working hours per year.

24-hour Fitness Center

The fitness center is located on the first floor of the central Fire Station across the street from Town Hall. The gym provides standard set of equipment including treadmills, stationery bikes, etc. Weight machines are also available.

Education Incentive Program

Employees are eligible after one year of service. Reimbursement for tuition based upon grade received. Reimbursement is limited to the current tuition charged by either Palm Beach State College for similar state college programs or Florida Atlantic University for similar university programs.

Health Benefits

Two open access network plan options available that include in and out-of-network coverage. New employees are eligible on the first of the month following the date of hire. Prescription plans are also offered. Reduced premiums are available for those employees who participate in the Town’s wellness program. Telehealth, Dental Vision, Flexible Spending and Domestic partner coverage on all medical, dental and vision plans.

Employee Assistance Program

100% employer paid, confidential counseling sessions to assist employees and their families with personal and work-life issues such as marital problems, parent-child conflicts and substance abuse. In addition, other resources such as legal support, financial planning and various work-life solutions are available. Work-life solutions include child and elder care, moving, pet care, college planning, home repair, buying a car, planning an event, selling a house and more.

Credit Union

Several benefits offered to include savings accounts. Additionally, loan eligibility after 12 months of employment.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plan

The Town offers a defined benefit plan for Sworn Police Officers. Benefits include an average final compensation multiplied by 2.75% for each year of credited service. Sworn Police employees working more than 1850 hours per fiscal year are required to contribute 8.5% of wages each fiscal year. The Town funds the defined benefit plan based on recommendations made within the annual actuarial valuation. The retirement system requires a minimum of ten years vesting to become eligible for benefits. Additional details regarding retirement benefits are outlined in the Town Code of Ordinances and the summary annual reports that are made available to all employees and the public on the internet on an annual basis

Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHSP)

Eligible Town employees will make a 1% payroll deduction into the RHSP health benefit savings plan. The plan allows an employee to accumulate money to pay for medical expenses for him/herself, spouse and/or dependents (e.g., health insurance and prescription expenses) upon separation or retirement on a tax-free basis. The contribution amount increases to 2% for those with 10 or more years of service. Upon separation of employment and/or retirement 50% of eligible sick leave hours will be contributed to the employees’ RHSP account.

Optional 457 Deferred Compensation Savings Plan

An optional 457 tax deferred savings plan and Roth IRA offered through MissionSquare are available. These provides for long-term savings plan with a variety of investment options available for employees to elect voluntarily at any time during their employment.

Palm Beach Police and the Community

Palm Beach Police and Fire Foundation

The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Town of Palm Beach First Responders and the community at large. Please see this website for information on benefits the Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation offers to our first responders outside of the Town’s benefit package