Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I become a Police Officer or Firefighter with the Town of Palm Beach?

    You may apply for the position online when it is available or submit your interest in a position by becoming a registered user and completing your applicant profile. Register to Submit Apply or Submit an Interest

  • 2. Do I have to register to view current job postings?

    Applicants are not required to register to view current job openings. To view current job openings, click on the Search Jobs link provided. Search Jobs

  • 3. Can I apply for a position any time I wish?

    No. When you become a registered user by creating a profile, you may submit your interest in a position. Become a Registered User

  • 4. Can I submit an application before the job is open?

    Applications are only accepted for jobs that are currently posted however, you may submit an interest for a position at any time by completing you online profile in our application system and adding an interest to your profile. Submit an Interest

  • 5. If I've completed an application, will I automatically be considered for other positions?

    No. Each job posting is unique and you must reapply for each open position.

  • 6. Will the privacy of my employment application be maintained?

    Applications are subject to public disclosure under the State of Florida Public Records Act and must be released upon request.

  • 7. Can I submit my application in person, by mail, or fax?

    No, all applications must be submitted electronically through the Town's online application system. Online Employment Application Guide

  • 8. If I do not have a personal computer at home, where can I apply?

    You may use a computer at your local library or visit the Town of Palm Beach Human Resources office located at: 360 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480. The entrance is located on the north end of the Town Hall building.

  • 9. I share an email address with another registered user, can I use the same email address as them?

    No, each registered user must have a unique email address. You may use providers such as Yahoo or Gmail to create a free email account.

  • 10. Do I always have to re-register to complete the online application for different positions?

    No, you only need to register once. You must log into the system with the same username and password to apply for jobs or make updates to your application.

  • 11. I forgot my password, how do I reset or retrieve the password?

    To retrieve your password, click Sign-In at the top right hand corner of the page, then click on the Reset Password link. Reset My Password

  • 12. I forgot my username, how do I reset or retrieve my username?

    To retrieve your username, click Sign-In at the top right hand corner of the page, then click on the Forgot Password link. Forgot My Username

  • 13. Will I automatically be considered for positions I have applied for in the past?

    No. Each posting is unique; therefore, you must fill out a new application for each position.